Portable X-Ray Machine
Service Training
Technical training to our dealers and 
biomedical engineers of the 
hospitals is arranged and 
provided by us.
Portable X-Ray Machine
  • Ultra light weight Working on house hold power.
  • Two position technic selection - (15 mA / 68 Kvp) / (15 mA / 85 Kvp)
  • Built in voltage protection.
  • Lead shielding tube head for radiation protection.
  • Solid state control for easy servicing.
  • Available with easy dismantlable stands.
  • Useful for general practitioners, operation theater and nursing homes.
  • One year Warranty inclusive of service and spares.
Model Partha 30/85
Line Voltage Adjustable to local line voltage 50hz
Power Consumption 1.5 KvA
Exposure Time tube Voltage - 80 - 85 kvp Tube Current 15mA- 20mA - 30mA Tube focus - 1.8 x 1.8 mm Tube - BEL DSA -1
Type of Current Self rectifying
Dimension Length X Weight X Height 230MM X 165 MM X 180MM
Weight 10 KG (Approx)