Service Training
Technical training to our dealers and 
biomedical engineers of the 
hospitals is arranged and 
provided by us.

The DIGI-FLOAT is compact and space saving radiographic table. No wall or ceiling mounting is required. It provides full multiple advantage for Radiography. In the area of the skull, spinal column, abdomen and extremities.

Special Features :
  • Both longitudinal and transverse movement of table top.
  • Patient convenience - since there is no pushing pulling of patient on the table.
  • Favorable geometry because of the reduced table top /film distance, resulting in optimised image quality.
  • Radiotransparent and scratch proof table top with smooth accessory rails.
  • Foot switch bar for releasing the longitudinal and transverse table top magnetic locks.
  • Slick, Light, Space saving for maximum manoeuverability & mobility