X-Ray Flim Viewer
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X-Ray Flim Viewer

The viewing boxes are easily mounted on wall or on a desk.

  • Rubber cushions at the bottom and are rounded corner prevent marring desk surfaces.
  • Key-hole slots in rear for wall mounting
  • Excellent light diffusion and uniform illumination is achieved from: circular fluorescent rube, continuous opal perspex viewing panel and internal white reflector surface.
  • Stainless steel strip contains grip rollers to hold X-Rays

Also available in Size: L X W X H
14 x 4 x 25 Inch (Signal film viewer)
24 x 4 x 19 Inch (Two film viewer)
48 x 4 x 19 Inch (Four film viewer)
48 x 4 x 39 Inch (Eight film viewer)