300mA X-Ray Machines
Service Training
Technical training to our dealers and 
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300mA X-Ray Machines

The SYPA DX-300 is designed keeping in mind the priorities and problems faced in the X-Ray room. A smart, digital console with prove reliability handles schedules with ease.

  • Power line “Trip off “ on overload.
  • Elegant digital display of kv,mA,sec & mAs & extremely easy to use.
  • Immediate Computation.
  • Overload protection(Blinking of LED display at same time blocking of exposure.)
  • Motorised continuos fluoroscopy kv adjustments with digital display.
  • Audio - Visual indication for X-Ray exposure.
  • Anode braking device to reduce anode wear & tear.
  • Ergonomics - look better, works better.
Radiography 300 mA at 125 kvp
Fluoroscopy 4 mA at 100 kvp

Tube Voltages
Radiography 45 kvp to 100 kvp in 15 steps.
Fluoroscopy 45 kvp to 100 kvp in 12 steps

Tube Current
Radiography Small focus.
Large focus.
Fluoroscopy 0 - 4mA Continuous.

Radiography 0.02 sec - 10 sec.(24-steps)
Fluoroscopy Cummulation timer 5 minutes.

Power Supply
400 - 440v Ac,50Hz
3 - phase - 24kw -max
Allowable line Regulation + - 10%